How to set up local WordPress Development Environment

WordPress like other website development software requires a server to function. The popular ones out there are XAMPP & WAMP for windows and LAMPP for Linux. In this tutorial I will walk you through installing XAMPP for windows. The steps are almost similar for both so whichever you are installing you are good. Download the (more…)

How Do I Change my Tagline and Title on my WordPress site

First what is a ‘tagline? This simply tells your site readers or visitors what your business is all about. As you can probably guess, your title is the name of your site. It’s how people identify your brand and how they search for you online. On the other hand, your tagline is a short statement similar to a subtitle or advertising slogan, often placed right underneath your title. It works (more…)

How do you set up a redirect to another page on your WordPress website?

While working on a charity website, i could not change the plugin’s donations form page url to my preferred word. I wanted to keep the page but redirect to another. A quick search and i stumbled on this guide from wpbeginner which totally fixed this headache for me with 3 clicks. Step #1: Download/install and (more…)